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As a Boston, MA area used auto parts dealer that buys junk cars, it’s amazing at the number of people that just let cars rust from the New England winters simply because they think it’s going to cost them money to get rid of them.

Most of our new customers never knew that we even bought junk cars, so we thought we’d dedicate a blog post to educating our customer on how to sell a junk car the New England Auto and Truck Recyclers way.

Let’s first mention that we’ve invested in some great technology for our website from our sell your junk car form, to the used auto parts search that allows our customers to search our thousands of parts from the comfort of their own home and/or garage. We’ve placed an emphasis on mobile devices as well, so whether you using your laptop or your phone, selling a car in Boston, MA the NEATR way has never been easier.

To be honest, it’s so easy that you only need the information from the vehicle like the year, make, model, mileage, and VIN number, and we can usually get you an offer on your vehicle within 24 hours, and sometimes within minutes during our normal salvage yard operating hours. If you include photos we can even give you a more accurate idea of what we offer on the vehicle.

Matter of fact, vehicles with photos usually get offers 20%-25% higher than our just the facts program on our buy your junk car program.

Here are the steps to sell a car in the Boston, MA area the NEATR way:

  1. Gather Your Vehicles information: Year, Make, Model, Vin, and any other information you have on the vehicle.
  2. Visit our Sell My Car Page on our website at:
  3. Choose which option you would like to submit your vehicle for sale without photos, with photos, or as a donation.
  4. Recieve an offer from New England Auto and Truck Recyclers

It’s that easy to sell a car the NEATR way.

The best part of it all is if you’re in the New England area of the United States, chances are we will come haul it off for you completely free even if you can’t get the car to us. If you’re outside the New England area and Boston, MA then you’re probably going to have to bring it to us. While we sell parts nationwide, getting an entire vehicle to our shop is only feasible up to a certain distance, so please check with us to see if you are in our pickup area.

If you’re not big on the technology and just looking to sell your vehicle, we can help you there too. Simply call us anytime Monday-Friday during normal operating hours of 8:00 AM – :00 PM and we can make you an offer over your phone. Text, email, or fax us photos of your vehicle and we will make you an offer on your car.

Thanks for taking time to read another entry in our NEATR blog, and be sure to follow us on social media and check out our other blog posts.

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