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Recycled OEM-Used Auto Parts

In the effort to combat climate change and other environmental challenges facing the auto industry it’s important that we all do our part in helping.

That’s why we do our best at New England Auto & Truck Recycler to keep up with the latest trends in reducing our environmental impact and promoting our recycled OEM-used auto parts line as much as possible.

Using recycled auto parts not only reduces the demand for new parts to be made, but they are also oftentimes more suitable replacement parts than after-market versions.

Advantages of Using OEM-Used Auto Parts for Auto Repair

Some advantages of using OEM-used replacement parts include both fit, safety, and price.

Fit and safety play hand in hand. Often times safety is lost when not using OEM replacement parts when doing auto body repair work. Auto body panels not aligning properly can affect crash safety, & also reduces aerodynamics.

There are many other advantages to using OEM replacement parts for car or truck repair like color matching, housing fits, engine components, etc. but a major advantage to using OEM-used Auto Parts for repairs is that they’re high-quality auto parts competitively priced.

Pricing Recycled OEM-Used Auto Parts Competitively

This leads us to the other challenge in promoting the use of green alternatives like recycled OEM-used replacement parts in the used auto parts industry and that is price.

Keeping recycled auto parts competitively priced can be a challenge as inventory supplies become limited for older model cars over time, however, new model car owners often times find that recycled auto parts are often times more affordable than aftermarket parts.

That’s why we try to keep our inventory stocked with all the popular models, and have developed a network of partners to help our clients find the older model recycled OEM-used auto parts they need for their cars as well.

Encouraging Recycled OEM-Used Auto Parts Use and Conclusion

Last but not least, one of our biggest challenges is encouraging DIY auto repair enthusiasts to use OEM-Used Auto Parts. Many times DIY enthusiasts may not have a junkyard near them or know that it’s a great resource for finding auto parts for cheap.

They also don’t usually know how easy it is to search and find parts on online junkyard sites like the New England Auto & Truck Recycler website. Use the part search tab to easily find an OEM replacement part with shipping available anywhere in the United States.

So please consider using a greener alternative on your next car or truck repair project and use a recycled auto part from a used auto parts supplier online or near you. Thanks for reading and be sure to try the OEM replacement part search feature on the NEATR website.

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