Why OEM-Used Auto Parts Offer Environmental Benefits

The salvage yard industry has been a leader in recycling long before it became popular to be “green”. While offering affordable alternatives to new auto parts was the original motivation, salvage yards are leaders in recycling auto parts.

From the early days of automobiles to the present, wrecked & damaged vehicles needed a place to go when they were no longer operable. Often times the cost to pay a mechanic to fix a vehicle are more than what the vehicle is worth. The end result was a big chunk of metal taking up quite a bit of space.

It didn’t take long for mechanics to realize these wrecked vehicles had completely useable parts in components and areas away from the wrecked portion of the vehicle. Often times these parts were easier to source locally, making for a quicker car repair. Interestingly enough, after years of using recycled auto parts, mechanics & manufacturers noticed OEM-used auto parts provided many other benefits.

Other Benefits OEM-Used Auto Parts

While there are many great aftermarket part manufacturer’s out there, the good ones generally cost more. What generally creates the biggest challenge for aftermarket part manufacturers is the one-size fits all approach they may have to take to make it profitable. The result is sometimes a part that doesn’t fit well for every line in a car or truck model.

By comparison, the original equipment manufactured or OEM part is guaranteed to fit that same model. The car manufacturer produced this part specifically for that vehicle, meaning a perfect fit every time. Perfectly fitted auto parts provide a number of benefits including better safety and performance on the road.

Then there’s the benefits of helping the environment, for both things we do behind the scenes and the offset of carbon production to produce less new parts for repairs. From properly reclaiming fluids, to re-using every auto part safe to use, to recycling the rest for scrap metal.

Commitment to Sustainability

At every step of the way we try to reduce the environmental impact that salvage vehicles have on the environment. By offering affordable and quality OEM-used auto parts, we can offer sustainable green alternatives to auto part sourcing for car collision and repair centers around the country.

Offering great prices is only half of the challenge though. Another challenge for the salvage yard industry is promoting the environmental benefits that recycled auto parts offer.

That’s why we are committed to promoting the recycled auto parts industry through our own marketing, as well as being members of almost all the leading recycled auto part associations. Our customers & readers also help with our sustainability goals by promoting the use of salvage yards for auto part sourcing.


Thanks for taking the time to read about what the recycled auto parts industry is doing to reduce carbon emissions. We hope we have convinced our readers of the many benefits that OEM-used auto parts provide.

Not only do they reduce carbon, but they can also save time and money on car repairs, in addition to fitting better for safety and performance.

Finally, help us with our sustainability goal by following and sharing the blog with your family, friends, and co-workers. Also, be sure to follow New England Auto & Truck Recycler on social media. Stay tuned for more updates.

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