Buying used auto parts is frowned upon by many car buyers. In a world where consumers prefer “new” instead of “used”, it’s unsurprising why used auto parts remain stashed away and rusting in some garage or auto parts store. However, those who are willing to inspect used parts themselves instead of following the herd into buying expensive new parts will find themselves with significant money saved over time and a wider selection of parts to choose from. To elaborate, below are four benefits of buying used parts in Massachusetts.


Searching for used auto parts in the state of Massachusetts yields lower prices. This can be especially useful for car owners who own brands that are notorious for their pricey replacement parts, such as Subaru and BMW. Of course, the discounted prices will vary depending on where in Massachusetts you are shopping for used parts, such as Quincy area, Cambridge, Boston, or Springfield. In general, you can get used auto parts for a fraction of the price of a new one. It’s not impossible to save as much as 50 percent from your purchase, money you can pay towards your car loan or credit cards.

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Massachusetts yields the 4th most requests for used parts in Google search


Every year, new parts are spitted out by behemoth industrial plants by the millions. To manufacture these parts and fulfill their orders, an equally massive amount of raw material is unearthed. Combine this with the labor and electricity required to run the facilities and you have yourself an environmental disaster waiting to happen in the next few decades. By supporting auto used parts stores in Boston, South Boston, New Bedford, and other parts of Massachusetts, you help save the environment.


Used auto parts stores carry more parts since the bulky packaging that comes with it is often removed already. You’ll get to choose from a wider array of tires, engines, AC compressors, air bags, batteries, alternators, and so forth. Most stores in Massachusetts, especially in major cities like Brockton and Lowell, carry hundreds of different car parts for dozens of car brands, such as Toyota and Nissan. With a wide selection to choose from, you can be sure to find parts that precisely match your vehicle.


The quality of parts you find in the used auto parts market can be of similar quality to its newer counterparts. All parts at New England Auto Recyclers are tested and machine-cleaned to ensure the highest quality upon inspection and purchase.