New England Auto & Truck Recycler Services Wholesale Accounts

If you’re new to the auto parts industry, finding an auto part source can be a challenge. Recent layoffs from Covid-19 closures have more people than ever selling auto parts on the internet. That’s why working with a high-volume salvage yard like NEATR can help you find the auto part for reselling.

While most the videos on how to make money on flipping auto parts focuses on self-service yards, full-service yards can oftentimes offer the same parts at almost the same price. The main reason for this is that parts being picked in the self-service yard don’t require much labor to remove. So unless you discount your labor for pulling the part, it’s really not that much savings.

The key to reselling auto parts is sales. If you’re focused on pulling parts, it’s hard to be focused on your customers and sales. That’s where a full-service, high-volume salvage yard like New England Auto & Truck Recycler can help in reselling auto parts on the internet.

Advantages of a Full-Service Junkyard

Being an established high-volume salvage yard presents different challenges, like finding customers for the parts being picked in the self-service yards. Buying vehicles for parts for our existing clients oftentimes leaves auto parts perfect for resell on the internet.

Also, unless you got a lot of space, chances are you’re not going to be able to store the higher ticket items. Engines, hoods, transmissions start taking up space fast, so there’s zero opportunity for resell at a pick a part yard. With NEATR’s low-prices and fast shipping, reselling the larger ticket items becomes more of a reality.

We already have the space and team of disassemblers to prepare the parts and ship them for you. Our fast, nationwide shipping can help you source auto parts for resell all across the United States.

Spend more time focusing on sales instead of picking parts yourself. Our entire auto part inventory is listed online and our sales team is second to none. Give NEATR Sales a call at 1-800-553-3080 and start sourcing auto parts like a pro.


If you’re new to auto part flipping and need a source, NEATR is the place for you. Stop spending time picking parts and let us do the work for you.

Our high-volume salvage yard is the perfect place to source auto parts for resale.

Be sure to follow NEATR on Social Media for all the latest arrivals and new auto parts coming into the yard.

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