Most Popular Selling Used OEM Auto Parts at NEATR

Salvage yards are a great place to find auto parts for car and truck repairs, however, some auto parts sell better than others in the recycled auto parts industry. There are also many auto repairs where replacement parts are better suited for the car repair, so in this blog post, we will list the top 10 best selling categories of used auto parts we are selling in our Winchendon, MA junkyard.

We should make a quick note here that our top 10 used auto parts being bought in a salvage yard is not ranked in any particular order, and demand for used auto parts can vary based on a variety of factors like inventory levels and economic conditions. 

There are also many, many more used OEM auto parts that are in very high demand, so without further ado here is the top 10 list of auto parts being sold in our salvage yard.

Top 10 List of Most Popular Selling Used Auto Parts at NEATR

  1. OEM Wheels – Even used, wheels are one of the most popular selling auto parts in a junkyard. There are many reasons why OEM wheels are popular sellers, but the main reason is most consumers are trying to match their factory rim in the most cost-efficient way. We also get many cars with custom rims that most times sell for a fraction of what new custom rims would cost. Wheels are so popular we dedicated an entirely separate website to make it easier for our customers to find OEM wheels, you can visit it here
  2. Tail Lamps/Headlamp Assemblies – Just like with the OEM wheels, the exterior lighting on a car is usually contoured and shaped to the car, making a used OEM auto part the best choice for a repair. These are also auto parts that are prone to damage and required to repair by most state’s laws.
  3. Sideview Mirrors – It’s always sticking out there when you’re parking, so many get knocked off accidentally, making it one of the most popular selling items in our junkyard. 
  4. Mechanical Parts – From AC compressors to alternators, the mechanical parts can fly off of some automobile year, make, and models, all depending on how important the fit is on the engine. Older year models are also hard to find aftermarket parts, making mechanical parts one of our most popular salvage yard sellers.
  5. Truck Beds – Truck beds rust, get dented from hauling workloads, damaged, and scratched. Truck beds are so popular we do our best to keep a large stock of truck beds for sale at our junkyard.
  6. Engines – Whether someone is trying to restore, swap, or upgrade engines, they continue to be an item that sees daily and weekly sales.
  7. Transmissions – Just like engine sales, transmissions are one of the used auto parts we see on our daily sales sheets. 
  8. Auto Body Parts – Getting the right fit for auto body repairs is critical for both safety and appearance making an OEM auto part the only part that will fit correctly. It’s also hard to find aftermarket body parts for some years, makes, and models, so auto body parts is one of the top-selling auto parts at our junkyard.
  9. Interior Car Components – From interior auto trim pieces to GPS screens, aftermarket interior components for cars are often times hard to find on-demand for a fair price, making it one of our top-selling auto parts group. 
  10. Used Tires – While some tire sizes sell better than others, salvage yard tires are one of the most popular sold auto parts at a junkyard, putting them in very high demand for our customer base. 


This is just 10 of the most popular selling items on our junkyard, however, it is no definitive list of the great used auto parts you can find in a salvage yard. One of the driving factors behind our list is the demand for original OEM parts and the types of cars that come into the salvage yard. 

We do get our fair share of some really good looking aftermarket wheels, accessories, and used vehicles to sell, it’s just as an auto and truck recycler we are oftentimes the final resting place for many autos, making used factory OEM parts our top selling auto parts in most categories. It’s best to form a relationship with one of our sales staff if you’re looking for aftermarket parts that come in on our vehicles, as they do sell really quickly. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read another used auto parts blog post by NEATR, and thanks for considering used OEM auto parts for your car & truck repairs. 

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