Flipping Auto Parts From Home For Extra Cash

Reselling auto parts on the internet has become one of the best ways for people to earn extra cash. While some of our customers are flipping parts for a business and others as a hobby, but they all have one thing in common…they come back for more parts.

Anyone that works on cars usually has extra car parts laying around. When someone upgrades to aftermarket parts and/or makes custom changes, the result is usually some leftover OEM auto parts. Some enthusiasts will save their OEM parts, however, others will sell them off to recover some of the costs for the upgrade. Either way, it creates a hot market for a number of car parts.

Another great advantage about the auto parts on our list is that they’re easy to ship. These are also high-volume car parts at the salvage yard, making sourcing opportunities more available. Being able to get new inventory is key to flipping auto parts, so building your network of sources is crucial. Dropshipping or having commercial accounts with online junkyards could lead to even more opportunities after you build relationships with your network.

Finally, our list includes parts that are easy to ship. For many home resellers, it is hard to store and ship larger parts, so we wanted to include a list of parts that anyone starting to flip auto parts for profit can do. As an auto part flipping source, we want our customers to succeed so that we can succeed. So without further a do, here is our Top 5 list of Auto Parts to Resell on the Internet.

1.) OEM-Used Headlamp Assembly

One of the biggest selling parts, that’s easy to ship is OEM-Used Headlamp Assemblies. Not only are headlamps upgraded by car owners a lot, but they also get damaged a lot as well. There’s also car inspections to pass in many states and oftentimes aftermarket lenses may fail inspection. This creates many opportunities for new customers.

Headlamp Assembly pieces are also lightweight and sized to where they can fit in a box that is easy to find. Shipping parcel is a lot easier to do from home versus shipping freight, including being able to calculate and print postage easier.

These advantages combined make it the perfect auto part to flip on the internet for profit. Great markup at the retail level, and sourced properly, you can find both self-service and full-service junkyard sources on the internet.

2.) OEM-Used Tail Lamp Assembly

Why stop with the headlights right? This was probably an easy auto part to see coming as it has many of the same advantages that the headlamp assembly does for auto part resellers.

One of the biggest differences, and why tail lamps are number 2, is that the size of the tail lamp can vary and sometimes be hard to package for shipping. While the majority of tail lamp assemblies are sized normally, the more customized tail lamps for certain models can yield more ROI.

Tail Lamp Assembly parts seem to sell better on work truck lines than others. Construction and service workers usually work off the back of their trucks, making the tail lamp prone to damages. While the demand may skew towards trucks for tail lamps, make no doubt about it all tail lamp assemblies resell well on the internet.

3.) OEM-Used Radios & Radio Equipment

There’s nothing more boring than being stuck in traffic without a radio, or with a busted speaker. It’s also one of the most customized parts of the car. From speakers to receivers, OEM-Used Radios and Radio Equipment are some of the best reselling auto parts on the internet.

With sourcing opportunities from local boards, salvage yards, & aftermarket suppliers its one of the easiest car parts to start reselling on the internet. There’s also a huge demand from consumers for these parts usually meaning they don’t stay listed long before selling.

Most OEM-Used radios and radio equipment are easy to ship as well, and easy to stock in a home garage or home office space. The main drawback to radio and radio equipment however, is knowing which model lines and what radio equipment sells the best.

4.) OEM-Used Side View Mirrors

Just like the headlamp and tail lamp assembly parts listed above, side-view mirrors are prone to damage. Larger cities or areas with street parking may have high demands for OEM-used side-view mirrors. This high demand makes it a great car part for reselling.

Side-view mirrors are generally compact and easy to ship as well. This makes storing and shipping these parts easy for the auto part reseller working from home.

Multiple options for side-view mirrors also make it a great auto part to resell on the internet, as more options can sometimes lead to bigger markup. This advantage can also be one of the biggest downsides, as matching them for customers requires a more in-depth type of auto parts salesperson, and sourcing can come at a premium sometimes as well.

5.) OEM-Used Temperature Controls

In most parts of the country there’s at least 6 months of extreme weather, be it cold or hot. Air conditioners and heaters go out all the time in cars and trucks, and consumers generally choose to make these repairs over being uncomfortable. This creates a demand for the temperature control part, making it a great auto part to flip on the internet for profit.

Most temperature controls are easy to ship, lightweight, and easy to keep in stock at a home office space. Generally a temperature control panel will fit multiple models by the same car manufacturer, making meeting customer demands easy on this car part.

One drawback is the part can be seasonal, leading to down times for sales. Selling these temperature control parts on the internet can mitigate some of this down time, but look for more sales in hot and cold months.


This is a brief list of some of the best car parts to resell on the internet, but as you become familiar with the auto parts industry, you will find more opportunities for car parts to resell.

Some of the main themes throughout the list is that all the auto parts are OEM-Used, easy to ship, easy to store in a home office, and have a high demand. These auto parts are also easy for the DIY car repair person to install themselves. Finding other parts like these can get you off to reselling auto parts on the internet quickly.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post, and be sure to visit the NEATR Online Junkyard for great-priced auto parts. Building that network is crucial to reselling auto parts on the internet so reaches out to us to grow your auto parts reselling business network. We are a high-volume salvage yard making us a great source to find auto parts to resell on the internet.

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