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Find Better Used Auto Parts with NEATR Auto Part Search

NEATR is Continually Improving Our Auto Parts Search Technology

Over the past few years, we have watched our e-commerce store grow in popularity with both new and existing customers. As a result of this tremendous growth, we have invested a lot of time and effort into improving our online auto parts search functionality. You can find out more about how to use our search tool in our “Searching Auto Parts Online” post.

If you keep up with the NEATR blog you already know how easy the search tool is to use, but our clients were asking for more options. So to provide a better shopping experience for our customers, we have had more features for the search results. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the other filtering options of search results, discuss image results, and how to view our parts via the NEATR YouTube Channel.

Filtering Search Results

If you’re shopping at a junkyard for recycled auto parts like we have here at NEATR, then you’ve probably got the auto repair knowledge to know that fit makes all the difference.

Even within the same year and make of some models, the engine sizes and part sizes can vary. Just like with other car repairs using OEM recycled parts, there are many parts by the same OEM that could be the right fit.

Sorting and filtering these fitment options among the thousands of different combinations has been a challenge for other search tools in the past, however, here at NEATR we have been able to have the fitment option built right in. This allows for us to display other OEM compatible parts in the same set of search results.

Displaying Images in Part Search Results

Another big feedback topic that went hand in hand with sorting fitment requests was that our customers wanted to see more images and views of the part online. Many of these were often in reference to being able to confirm fitment specs.

Not only did we improve the number of images that we uploaded to the auto parts search results, we also made sure we had the highest quality images available for upload.

In addition to high quality images, we’ve added zoom functionality and a pop out carousel display. Simply use the arrows to go forward or back through the photos. Close the carousel by clicking the X in the top corner.

View Parts via the NEATR YouTube Channel

While images may be good to look at used auto parts, videos are a lot better. As we developed our YouTube channel over the years with content related to the used auto parts we have for sale on our yard, we never imagined that it would be such a popular venture.

That’s why we have incorporated our part numbers and YouTube videos into the search results to help our customers better see what kind of used auto part they are getting. It has been a tremendous boost to online orders and improving overall customer satisfaction.

As we work to catch up to our inventory with YouTube videos, keep an eye out in the search results for ones that we do have videos uploaded to YouTube for. Also, be sure to subscribe to the NEATR channel on YouTube, so that you know when we’ve uploaded a new vehicle to the site.

Subscribe to the NEATR YouTube Channel

It’s been a fun journey watching us go from a basic informational website to a functioning auto parts search communicating with our YouTube channel, provide more images for our customers to view, and offering filtering options for fitments. Finding auto parts is no easy task for some years, makes, and models, so you can rest assure that NEATR will continue to improve our search functionality.

We feel like we have one of the best auto parts search tools in the industry, and one of the ways that we got there was by taking feedback from our customers on what they wanted to see in an auto parts search tool. So please comment on the blog, subscribe to the YouTube Channel, and leave us all the feedback you can on what you would like to see in a used OEM auto parts search tool.

Thanks for taking the time to read another NEATR used auto parts blog post, and be sure to check out the most recent posts and follow us on social media.

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Top 10 Auto Parts Bought at a Junkyard

Most Popular Selling Used OEM Auto Parts at NEATR

Salvage yards are a great place to find auto parts for car and truck repairs, however, some auto parts sell better than others in the recycled auto parts industry. There are also many auto repairs where replacement parts are better suited for the car repair, so in this blog post, we will list the top 10 best selling categories of used auto parts we are selling in our Winchendon, MA junkyard.

We should make a quick note here that our top 10 used auto parts being bought in a salvage yard is not ranked in any particular order, and demand for used auto parts can vary based on a variety of factors like inventory levels and economic conditions. 

There are also many, many more used OEM auto parts that are in very high demand, so without further ado here is the top 10 list of auto parts being sold in our salvage yard.

Top 10 List of Most Popular Selling Used Auto Parts at NEATR

  1. OEM Wheels – Even used, wheels are one of the most popular selling auto parts in a junkyard. There are many reasons why OEM wheels are popular sellers, but the main reason is most consumers are trying to match their factory rim in the most cost-efficient way. We also get many cars with custom rims that most times sell for a fraction of what new custom rims would cost. Wheels are so popular we dedicated an entirely separate website to make it easier for our customers to find OEM wheels, you can visit it here
  2. Tail Lamps/Headlamp Assemblies – Just like with the OEM wheels, the exterior lighting on a car is usually contoured and shaped to the car, making a used OEM auto part the best choice for a repair. These are also auto parts that are prone to damage and required to repair by most state’s laws.
  3. Sideview Mirrors – It’s always sticking out there when you’re parking, so many get knocked off accidentally, making it one of the most popular selling items in our junkyard. 
  4. Mechanical Parts – From AC compressors to alternators, the mechanical parts can fly off of some automobile year, make, and models, all depending on how important the fit is on the engine. Older year models are also hard to find aftermarket parts, making mechanical parts one of our most popular salvage yard sellers.
  5. Truck Beds – Truck beds rust, get dented from hauling workloads, damaged, and scratched. Truck beds are so popular we do our best to keep a large stock of truck beds for sale at our junkyard.
  6. Engines – Whether someone is trying to restore, swap, or upgrade engines, they continue to be an item that sees daily and weekly sales.
  7. Transmissions – Just like engine sales, transmissions are one of the used auto parts we see on our daily sales sheets. 
  8. Auto Body Parts – Getting the right fit for auto body repairs is critical for both safety and appearance making an OEM auto part the only part that will fit correctly. It’s also hard to find aftermarket body parts for some years, makes, and models, so auto body parts is one of the top-selling auto parts at our junkyard.
  9. Interior Car Components – From interior auto trim pieces to GPS screens, aftermarket interior components for cars are often times hard to find on-demand for a fair price, making it one of our top-selling auto parts group. 
  10. Used Tires – While some tire sizes sell better than others, salvage yard tires are one of the most popular sold auto parts at a junkyard, putting them in very high demand for our customer base. 


This is just 10 of the most popular selling items on our junkyard, however, it is no definitive list of the great used auto parts you can find in a salvage yard. One of the driving factors behind our list is the demand for original OEM parts and the types of cars that come into the salvage yard. 

We do get our fair share of some really good looking aftermarket wheels, accessories, and used vehicles to sell, it’s just as an auto and truck recycler we are oftentimes the final resting place for many autos, making used factory OEM parts our top selling auto parts in most categories. It’s best to form a relationship with one of our sales staff if you’re looking for aftermarket parts that come in on our vehicles, as they do sell really quickly. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read another used auto parts blog post by NEATR, and thanks for considering used OEM auto parts for your car & truck repairs. 

Be sure to check out NEATR on Social Media and read the latest blog posts on the NEATR blog.

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Contactless Auto Parts Shopping Options


Quick Reminder About Our Online Shopping Options During Covid-19

Just a quick reminder to all our readers and customers that New England Auto and Truck Recycler is dedicated to the safety of our customers and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. That is why we wanted to take time to highlight some of the contactless shopping options we already have available to all our auto parts customers.

One of the best ways to shop all of our used auto parts inventory is by using our website. We have multiple searching options and we provide detailed descriptions and images for our customers to see all of our auto parts. All of our auto parts are searchable by the year/make/model of the vehicle, part number, and browse the inventory by the manufacturer.

See our blog post highlighting our search tools here

Shopping NEATR Parts on YouTube

While the auto parts search on the NEATR website provides some great information and images on our auto body parts, used auto parts, interior components, truck beds, and our other popular inventory items, we have also invested a lot of time and money into the NEATR YouTube channel where you can see nearly every car and car part we have on our lot.

One thing to note on our YouTube channel is that we have been posting cars that are being parted out for a pretty good while now, so some of the older videos may have parts that have already been sold.

The great thing about the YouTube Channel though is that all of our videos contain the NEATR part number, so you can take it back to the website and search to see if the parts are still available. Always feel free to call sales if you want to confirm as well. Here is a YouTube embed of the #NEATR YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe, like the videos, and comment with suggestions.

NEATR on YouTube
NEATR YouTube Channel Series “Parting Out”
Pickup, Delivery, & Shipping

Providing visuals of all of our used auto parts has been helpful to our customers whether they are local or national customers, however, our contactless pickup, delivery, and shipping options have been equally has helpful to our customers during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Having multiple options for customers to get their auto parts has been something we have always worked on improving, making us more prepared than some other used auto parts suppliers may have been. 24-hour online ordering of auto parts, with multiple options for pickup and delivery, have been a tremendous boost to safety and convenience for both staff and customers.


So no matter if you’re coming to pick up your auto part locally or having it shipped nationally, online shopping for auto parts is one of the easiest and safest ways to shop auto parts during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we have some of the best tools for shopping auto parts online here at New England Auto and Truck Recyclers.

So head on over to the homepage to begin your auto parts search now.

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog post and we hope all our customers stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Be sure to read the latest NEATR blog posts, and to check us out on social media as well.

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Searching Auto Parts Online

How To Use the NEATR Used Auto Parts Search Features

As technology in the used auto parts industry continues to improve, we at New England Auto and Truck Recyclers strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. That’s why we have invested into the search technology that makes our used auto parts website different from other used auto parts suppliers websites.

Like many other used auto parts suppliers, we have the standard information displayed about our business hours and services, however, our used auto parts search option is clearly displayed on the home page. With one click our customers can search used auto parts by vehicle year, make, and model. Simply select your vehicle and the used auto parts you need, and instantly all the used auto parts we have available will populate into the search results.

Another great feature of our used auto parts search tool is that it provides the option for us to find the auto part for you. We can then give you compatible auto parts from other makes make by the same manufacturer.

An even easier way to search our used auto parts is to search by NEATR part number. We have provided a search box in the footer of every page, to make it easy to search by part number regardless of which webpage you are currently on.

Stock Search Located on Bottom of Page

In addition to providing compatible used auto parts, customers can use the browse feature to view our entire inventory of used auto parts by vehicle make and model. While only updated every 24 hours, this feature allows our customers to see more than one year of the make and model, making it easier to find compatible used auto parts as well.

It’s that easy to search used auto parts on our website.

We hope you enjoyed this informational blog entry on our used auto parts search tools, and be sure to check out our most recent NEATR blog posts.

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Recycled Auto Parts for Car Repairs Help Reduce Environmental Impact


How Salvage Yards Help Reduce Environmental Impact From Recycling Auto Parts From Junk Cars


The impact cars and trucks have on the environment can go far beyond the trendy headlines of carbon emissions from running vehicles, and that is why we are dedicating this NEATR blog post to letting our readers know junkyards role in reducing the environmental impact that used car parts can have on the environment.

It’s best to start with how and why we usually take in vehicles to be parted out because many times this is where we began reducing the impact that particular vehicle is having on the environment. 

Whether it is a car being sold to us through our cash for cars program, a donation, or a salvage request from a professional agency, our first step is to inspect the vehicles for damages and remove any fluids from systems that may be leaking. When a car is making it to our lot, chances are it’s a wreck or a repair worth more than the vehicle itself.

Providing clean auto parts to our customers not only allows us to set a standard of cleanliness for auto parts, it also allows us to remove fluid residues from parts that could otherwise be done in a more irresponsible way by a DIY customer with no knowledge of the economic impact cleaning a used auto part in their backyard can cause.

Search the NEATR Website for Used Auto Parts 24 hours a day.

The car repair industry is a huge industry and limiting the need to make new auto parts for vehicles reduces both carbon and reliance on natural resources. Used OEM auto parts are also guaranteed to fit, and better fitting parts improve the overall quality and lifespan of the auto part itself.

Finally, we make sure that every usable auto part is salvaged, and then we can dismantle the car and/or send it off for recycling into new metal. Being able to recycle the metal still reduces the need for natural resources, even with the carbon neutral output of recycling versus making new steel.

In addition to these strict standards that New England Auto and Truck Recyclers of Winchendon, MA has, there are also a number of federal, state, and local regulations we must adhere to.

Here is the link to some of the standards that Massachusetts has for recyclers in the Massachusetts area.

We take great precautions in protecting the environment and meeting and/or exceeding all the environmental standards set forth by both federal and state agencies. Recycling is what we do and we take great pride in knowing that it helps save the environment from unnecessary waste and use of natural resources consumed by the production of new auto parts.

Sometimes when people see a salvage yard they see a big pile of waste, but as anyone in the automotive industry knows that just isn’t true. That’s why we wanted to take the time and write a blog post on the benefits that recycling and salvage yards provide environmentally to a community.

We understand that junk cars may be visibly unappealing, and that’s why our slogan NEATR means more than just our name. We do our best to keep our yard neat and clean, secure, organized, and more appealing to the eye than the average junkyard.

Thanks again for taking the time to read, and hurry over to the website to see our entire inventory of used auto parts.

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How To Sell A Junk Car in Boston…the NEATR way


Tips for Using our Buy Junk Cars Program

As a Boston, MA area used auto parts dealer that buys junk cars, it’s amazing at the number of people that just let cars rust from the New England winters simply because they think it’s going to cost them money to get rid of them.

Most of our new customers never knew that we even bought junk cars, so we thought we’d dedicate a blog post to educating our customer on how to sell a junk car the New England Auto and Truck Recyclers way.

Let’s first mention that we’ve invested in some great technology for our website from our sell your junk car form, to the used auto parts search that allows our customers to search our thousands of parts from the comfort of their own home and/or garage. We’ve placed an emphasis on mobile devices as well, so whether you using your laptop or your phone, selling a car in Boston, MA the NEATR way has never been easier.

To be honest, it’s so easy that you only need the information from the vehicle like the year, make, model, mileage, and VIN number, and we can usually get you an offer on your vehicle within 24 hours, and sometimes within minutes during our normal salvage yard operating hours. If you include photos we can even give you a more accurate idea of what we offer on the vehicle.

Matter of fact, vehicles with photos usually get offers 20%-25% higher than our just the facts program on our buy your junk car program.

Here are the steps to sell a car in the Boston, MA area the NEATR way:

  1. Gather Your Vehicles information: Year, Make, Model, Vin, and any other information you have on the vehicle.
  2. Visit our Sell My Car Page on our website at:
  3. Choose which option you would like to submit your vehicle for sale without photos, with photos, or as a donation.
  4. Recieve an offer from New England Auto and Truck Recyclers

It’s that easy to sell a car the NEATR way.

The best part of it all is if you’re in the New England area of the United States, chances are we will come haul it off for you completely free even if you can’t get the car to us. If you’re outside the New England area and Boston, MA then you’re probably going to have to bring it to us. While we sell parts nationwide, getting an entire vehicle to our shop is only feasible up to a certain distance, so please check with us to see if you are in our pickup area.

If you’re not big on the technology and just looking to sell your vehicle, we can help you there too. Simply call us anytime Monday-Friday during normal operating hours of 8:00 AM – :00 PM and we can make you an offer over your phone. Text, email, or fax us photos of your vehicle and we will make you an offer on your car.

Thanks for taking time to read another entry in our NEATR blog, and be sure to follow us on social media and check out our other blog posts.

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Benefits of OEM Parts

Have you ever wondered as a car or truck owner why mechanics recommend OEM Parts?

Any car or truck owner that has a good mechanic knows that a good mechanic will always recommend OEM parts. While aftermarket products are often times less expensive, they often don’t have the quality, fit, or function like OEM parts will. This means the mechanic will not need additional parts or kits to fit a part to your car.

While OEM parts could still be initial up front costs, OEM products are going to match what’s being replaced. This also guarantees better function and better quality.

It can also help guarantee that you will be getting the same performance you expect and need from your equipment with an OEM replacement part because it was designed and tested under the same rigorous manufacturer standards.

This means OEM products guarantee compatibility (dimensions and specifications) and are of high quality. This improves bot fit and functionality which results in improved longevity.

OEM parts are guaranteed to have originated directly by the manufacturer, and made of the same material.

In summary, you should be looking at purchasing an OEM part as an investment. While you may pay a little more up front, the benefits of having a properly fitting part will improve both function and longevity of the OEM part versus an aftermarket replacement part, resulting in a better long term net cost result.

We hope this was an informative blog post on why OEM parts are better than aftermarket part. Stay tuned to our blog and be sure to check out the homepage at New England Auto and Truck Recyclers of Winchendon, MA.

Follow our YouTube channel to see our latest arrivals of OEM Parts.

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New England Auto Truck Recycler remains open as an essential business providing auto parts and is in full operation at this time. The health and safety of our customers and employees are our top priority. We are following all CDC and local health department guidelines and are taking extra steps to maintain a high level of cleanliness and sanitization for everyone’s safety. Check our website for store hours as we continue to monitor developments.

Online shopping, secure checkout, & nationwide shipping available for contactless shopping options at:

To find out more on our contactless shopping options, see our blog post

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