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Money wasted, time lost, and ultimately a breakdown of your vehicle. While the advent of online shopping has provided an easier means for sourcing used auto parts, you might be faced with even bigger questions; New or used auto parts, which is best? How can I shop them online?

If you have ever purchased faulty used auto parts, then you’re likely familiar with the next scenario.

Whether you own a new or later model vehicle, buying used auto parts has its benefits. One major advantage is they are surprisingly affordable when carrying out regular repairs. Here, you will discover many benefits that affect you as a used parts buyer.

Before rolling out the cash for sealed OEM parts, check out these five benefits of used auto parts. You’ll also see some vital tips to guide your shopping experience and improve your success when buying used auto parts.

used auto parts
used auto parts

Used Auto Parts vs. New Auto Parts

Shopping for new auto parts may feel like a great idea. However, new is not always best.

Cost Savings

The cost of purchasing new original aftermarket auto parts is typically much more expensive. Thanks in part to a likely increase in the cost of production and its market value, used auto parts can cost as low as 40% of the cost of the new ones. At times, this trend changes due to rarity, demand, the dealer involved, or the condition of the part. As we will note, it is important to research the prices of new auto parts versus a used one.

Buying used auto parts is especially economical when repairing your vehicle. For example, there’s little sense in buying a brand-new spare part for an 8-year-old ride with nearly 200,000 miles on it.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Standards

Aftermarket parts do not always follow the strict performance and quality standards of OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Unlike OEM parts, most brand-new auto parts are made by third-party manufacturers rather than the original automaker. These OEM parts are salvaged from vehicles that are deemed too expensive to repair either due to an accident or a total failure.

Original auto parts like engines, transmissions, drive train parts, interiors and body panels can be sourced from used salvage yards.


Many OEM parts can be easily refurbished at much lower costs while meeting up with the original standards. Although this largely depends on the manufacturers, they are mostly as effective as brand-new auto parts. As expected, prices of refurbished products are higher than used parts but still less than their new versions.


Over time, auto part companies discontinue the production of certain parts due to reduced sales. When driving an older version of a vehicle, you are more likely to find trouble purchasing such parts. In such cases, used auto parts will be your best option.

Best for the environment

Beyond the cost-effectiveness of used auto parts, it greatly reduces the number of car parts dumped in landfills or open spaces. Recycling car parts reduces the contamination of soil and water from the harmful chemicals – like engine oils, coolants, etc. – used in their production and maintenance.

The process of auto recycling ensures these harmful fluids are properly extracted and recycled. It also reduces waste and conserves the energy and resources invested in the production of new parts.

Tips For Buying Used Auto Parts

Now, you have an understanding of why used auto parts are a preferred option, here are some useful tips to guide your next purchase. First, it is important to have an expert check out your vehicle. You can do this by visiting a local auto mechanic in a diagnostic center for a complete analysis. This gives you a clear idea of which parts are faulty and which parts need to be changed (if necessary).

Vehicle details

Do your homework. Be sure to confirm – not guess – the details of your vehicle. From the transmission type (manual or automatic) to the wheel type, whether a front-wheel-drive (FWD) or an all-wheel-drive (AWD); the different engine types often define the parts used.

It is also important to confirm simple details like; production year, make, model, engine size, and trim. The date of manufacture is typically found on a sticker on the driver’s door. For example, certain parts of a 2012 Toyota Corolla produced in 2011 might differ from those (same model) produced in 2012. Such simple details can define the line between having a spare part that perfectly fits your automobile and having to change these parts over and over.

VIN Number

The unique 17-digit number of your vehicle is your vehicle identification number is often necessary when purchasing used auto parts. This can be an alternative for other specific details when unknown. Your VIN can be found at the base of the windshield.

At times, replaceable components have shortcodes. These codes can either be found on the body of these parts or in your owner’s manual. Where this applies, ensure the codes match before making a purchase. The purpose of this is to ensure that your engine and transmission combination requires the component parts – like; background computers, sensors, alternator, starters, etc. – you intend to buy.


When shopping for used auto parts, be sure to get a warranty on all products. This is important because, unlike new aftermarket parts, used parts are not sealed and can easily be faulty. At NEATR, you get a warranty on all items sold. If you ordered the wrong part, you can enjoy easy returns to our store.

Keep Aesthetics On Track

If the aesthetics of your vehicle matters to you, be conscious of the paint color when buying exterior spare parts. If your car has been repainted from its original stock color, you’re less likely to find a color match. In this case, consider repainting the spare part to match your exact color. Repainting is also an option if you have to avoid a mismatch of color shades due to fade over time.

Automobile producers typically make variations of the same product; hence it is important to consider the style of a second-hand part before buying. This is especially important if a match with an existing part (say front and back bumper) is required.

Best parts to buy used

Remember, we said new is not always best. The best parts to buy used are those that can easily be judged based on a quick visual inspection.

If an auto part requires a difficult installation process, extra caution is required if you buy used. Parts like; engines, cylinder heads, and injectors require an extra examination and installation; hence, its mileage, as well as other details confirming its life span, must be on track.

For the most part, vehicle exteriors like; engines, transmissions, drive train parts, doors, bumpers, fenders, headlights, and taillight assemblies, are some of the best auto parts to buy used. Other parts like; alternators, ignition coils, wheels and wheel covers, power steering pumps, etc. are a perfect fit in the used auto parts market.

Shop Smart With NEATR

You probably prefer the old-fashioned method of reaching out to a local auto recycler. While this option does the trick most times, why not shop smarter with NEATR. Our auto parts market offers you a stress-free experience. You don’t have to go through the hassles of taking a long trip to a junkyard, just BUY ONLINE…

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